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Mastering the Art of 'Lived In' Hair

In the world of hairstyling, achieving that 'lived-in,' expensive-looking hair colour is an art form. As a seasoned hairstylist with 25 years experience working with clients to become an expert in hair coloring, I've dedicated my career to perfecting a system that seamlessly blends multiple techniques like balayage, teasylights, microweaves, strandlights, zone toning, and glossing to deliver beautifully blended and low maintenance hair colour, all while preserving the natural depth of each client's unique tone.

Understanding the Canvas: Expertise in Colour Theory

Every consultation starts with understanding the canvas. For me, it begins with a deep understanding of the colour wheel and the properties of every shade within my preferred colour line, Original Mineral. This knowledge gained through the many education courses I have completed over the past 25 years combined with my experience working with clients behind the chair, enables me to select and blend tones that harmonize with my client's skin tone, eye colour, natural base, and lifestyle.

My Painting Techniques Explained

Balayage, teasylights, microweaves, strandlights—these techniques are my brushstrokes. Each serves a purpose, whether it's the soft, hand-painted strokes of balayage for a natural sun-kissed effect or the meticulous precision of teasylights and microweaves to create dimension and depth and blend greys.

Balayage: This French technique involves freehand painting, allowing for a subtle, graduated color effect. It's perfect for that effortless, "just back from holiday" glow.

Teasylights & Microweaves: By using different weaving and teasing methods, I can precisely target sections, adding brightness and dimension to specific areas, giving the hair a multi-dimensional appearance.

Strandlights: A more intricate approach, where I meticulously paint strands of hair to create a natural, luminous effect, resembling the way the light naturally hits the hair.

Zone Toning and Glossing

Zone toning is my secret weapon. It allows me to adjust and refine the tones in specific areas, ensuring a balanced, cohesive look. Glossing, on the other hand, seals the deal, adding shine and depth to the hair, making it look luxuriously healthy and vibrant.

Low Maintenance Elegance

The beauty of this system lies in its ability to grow out seamlessly, maintaining its allure even as time passes. By strategically placing colours, and lightener, and considering the natural growth patterns of hair, I ensure my clients' hair retains that coveted 'lived-in' look, effortlessly blending greys without harsh lines or noticeable regrowth.

Personalized Colour

No two clients are the same, and that's where my expertise lies. By understanding my clients' personalities, lifestyles, and desired looks, I customize each colour, creating a unique colour outcome that's individual to them.

Achieving that expensive-looking, 'lived-in' hair colour is a blend of artistry, technical skill, and a deep understanding of each client's existing hair type and colour. Through years of honing my craft and mastering these techniques, I've found a system that brightens and blends my client's natural hair giving an effortless and expensive colour result that grows out seamlessly and stands the test of time.

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