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From Allergies to Innovation: My Journey with Original Minerals Hair Colour as a Hairstylist

As a hairstylist, the joy of transforming someone's look, and subsequently their confidence, is unparalleled. However, behind the glamour lies a lesser-known struggle - allergies. During the pandemic, I discovered a solution that not only alleviated my allergies but also revolutionized my approach to hair coloring: Original Minerals Hair Colour.

Allergies are an occupational hazard for hairstylists. The constant exposure to various chemicals in traditional hair products took a toll on my health. Redness, itching, streaming eyes and brain fog became part of my daily routine, affecting both my work and personal life.

Desperate for a change, I took the opportunity that lockdown offered and dived into researching alternative products. That's when I discovered Original Minerals Hair Colour.

Their commitment to natural, nourishing ingredients caught my attention. Free from ammonia, PPD, and resorcinol, this innovative hair color line aimed not only at beautiful colour results but also at preserving the health of both the stylist and the client.

Implementing Original Minerals in my salon marked a turning point. Not only did my allergic reactions subside, but I also witnessed a positive shift in my clients' experiences. The absence of harsh chemicals translated to reduced irritation, leaving behind a healthier, glossy finish that surpassed our expectations.

What struck me most was the adaptability and quality of the product. From achieving stunning blondes to rich brunettes and vibrant reds, Original Minerals offered a diverse range of shades without compromising on performance. The longevity of the color and the natural shine it imparted were testimonials themselves.

Beyond the immediate benefits, working with Original Minerals gave me peace of mind. Knowing that I was using a product that prioritized sustainability and ethical practices added another layer of satisfaction to my work.

Embracing Original Minerals Hair Colour not only transformed my professional experience but also deepened my connection with clients. Being able to provide a safe, high-quality coloring experience became a defining factor in building trust and loyalty within my salon.

As I continue my journey in the hairstyling industry, I am grateful for the shift towards more conscious and allergy-friendly products like Original Minerals Hair Colour. It not only rescued me from discomfort but also elevated the standard of care I provide to my valued clients, ensuring beautiful transformations while prioritizing health and sustainability.

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