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Going Green in the Salon: My Journey with the Green Salon Collective

As a hair stylist, I've always been passionate about not just hair but also about sustainability. That's why I decided to join hands with the Green Salon Collective to make a difference in my community. Here's a peek into how I've embraced recycling and sustainability practices at my studio:

1. Separating Waste Streams

One of the first steps I took was implementing a system to separate various waste streams. From hair clippings to used foils and color tubes, every material is sorted for proper recycling or repurposing.

2. Recycling Beauty Waste

Thanks to the Green Salon Collective's innovative approach, I've been able to recycle hair clippings, turning them into hair booms used in oil spill cleanup. Additionally, used foils and color tubes are recycled to reduce my environmental footprint.

3. Repurposing Salon Materials

Instead of letting materials go to waste, I've found ways to repurpose them. For instance, your hair clippings are used in gardens as a natural fertilizer, while my studio's plastic materials are recycled into new salon furniture.

4. Educating Clients

I believe that sustainability is a collective effort. That's why I educate my clients about my green initiatives, encouraging them to participate by choosing eco-friendly products and supporting my recycling efforts.

5. Commitment to Continuous Improvement

My journey with the Green Salon Collective isn't just a one-time effort. I continuously evaluate and improve my practices, seeking new ways to reduce waste and minimize my environmental impact.

Joining hands with the Green Salon Collective has not only allowed me to contribute positively to the environment but has also empowered me to create a salon environment where hair styling and sustainability coexist harmoniously. Together, we're making a difference—one haircut at a time

The Green Salon Collective also supports haircuts 4 homeless, a charity close to my heart that I'm proud to volunteer for.

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